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  1.Time is flying away,and years are passing by.Only our friendship is always in my heart.Farewell,my friend!Take care,my friend!


  2.Oh,my friend,do you like stars?If you feel lonely far away from home,look up at the stars in the sky, where there is a star for luck that I've send you.


  3.Life is a profound book.Other's notes cannot replace your own understanding.May you find and create something new in it.


  4.Don't be disappointed on the journey of life.There are friends in the world.Seize your chance and value your opportunities.May our friendship be everlasting.


  5.Time does not water down the wine of friendship;distance does not separate our hands of longing.Wishing you happiness forever!


  6.I have three wishes:May our friendship warm our hearts!May joy be always with you and me!May we often meet each other!


  7.Thinking of each other is just like a thread connecting both you on the one end and m e on the other end.


  8.My friend, I would press you all to my heart.我的朋友,我会深深的记住您。

  9.Offer parting wish to have the time of Happiness with you. Separation of melting may friendship thicker, the first reunion in that brighter tomorrow.献上依依惜别的祝愿,愿福乐时该与你相伴。分离熔得友情更浓,重逢首将在那更灿烂的明天。

  10.Oh,my friend,do you like stars?If you feel lonely far away from home,look up at the stars in the sky, where there is a star for luck that I’ve se安庆癫痫能治疗好吗?nd you.朋友,你喜欢星空吗?如果有一天你在远方流浪时感到孤独、忧郁,请抬头看看星空,那儿有我送给你的幸运星。

  11.Scrap steel has become a useful, because it can stand the painful process of tempering.废铁之所以能成为有用的钢材,是因为它经得起痛苦的磨练。

  12.Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, these three alone lead life to sovereign power.自我尊敬,自知之明,自我控制,这是生活的最高境界。

  13.The language of friendship is not words but meanings.友谊的表达方式是只可意会,不可言传的。

  14.The most cherished thing in life is friendship. The most precious thing between us is understanding.生命中最值得珍惜的事是友谊。 朋友之间最珍贵的事是相互理解。

  15.If I should meet thee,After long years,How should I greet thee?With silence and tears.—〔Britain〕George Gordon Byron 多年离别后,抑或再相逢,相逢何所语?泪流默无声。

  16.If life cheats you,don’t be disappointed and worried.Calmness is needed in melancholy days.Believe that pleasantness is coming.Long for the bright future though you are unhappy. All will pass by and everything will be over.Past things will be pleasant memories. —〔Russia〕Alesander Pushkin 假如生活欺骗了你,不要悲伤,不要心急。阴郁的日子需要镇静。相信吧,那愉快的日子即将来临。心永远憧憬着未来,尽管你现在常常是阴沉的`。一切都是瞬息,一切都会过去,而过去了的,将会变成亲切的怀念。

  17.If life is a river, would like to forward you are persistent leaf boat; if the life of a boat, would like a sailor you are rain or shine.假如生活是一条河流,愿你是一叶执著向前的小舟;假如生活是一叶小舟,愿你是个风雨无阻的水手。

  1、May an old friend express his pride in your accomplishment and extend to you a wish for your continued success and happiness.


  2、Best wishes and congratulations on your graduation.


  3、May you have health, happiness and outstanding success in all your ventures.


  4、The possibility of enhancing one's knowledge is limitless.Graduation only marks a stage of one's education.Unceasing acquisition of knowledge will unceasingly escalate us to ever h儿童癫痫病痊愈后会复发吗igher and higher attainments.


  5、It is your graduation day.Please accept my best wishes for your bright future.


  6、Permit me to congratulate you on your graduation! I hope the future will bring you further success and a whole world of happiness.


  7、Congratulations on your graduation from the notable university with honour.I'm hopeful and confident,too,that the graduation ceremonies will really be a commencement and that satisfying and rewarding experiences await you.


  8、Here's to the happy graduate for the job you have already done.And here's a happy future that is a most successful one.I pray you will as soon as possible make your name known in the world.


  9、I join with all your friends in offering my sincere congratulations on your graduation.The world needs young people today with vision and courage to help build a better place for humanity.Wish you well in all your undertakings and hope that you will find your career a source of great joy and happiness.


  10、Best wishes and sincere congratulations on your graduation.May this special day be the commencement of the continued series of upward steps to further success.


  11、I am very delighted to hear you have successfully passed the high school certificate examination.As one of your intimate friends, I feel very proud of you and have a smack of your happiness.


  12、It is such a pleasur山西哪里的癫痫医院好e to congratulate you on your graduation.Whatever you dream for, whatever you hope to achieve may come true with your effort in the future. Remember that nothing is out of your reach if only you first believe.


  13、We are very happy to extend to you our utmost congratulations on your finishing your college course so successfully.May you enter a more successful life and the future years bring you continued happiness.


  14、Graduation is not only an end to a period, also a commencement of a new period and I hope that future years will bring you continued happiness.


  15、Sincere congratulations on your graduation from the Graduate School of Chemistry of...University.We have heard of the excellent record you made in your studies.We are very proud of you and avail ourselves of this opportunity to extend to you our best wishes for your bright future and happiness.


  1、nothing seek, nothing find.


  2、victory won't come to me unlei go to it.m.moore


  3、all thing in their being are good for something.


  4、failure is the mother of success.thomas.paine


  5、the good seaman is known is bad weather.


  6、fear not that the lift shall come to an end ,but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.j.h.newman


  7、the darkest hour is that before the dawn.


  8、a thousand -li journey is started by taking the first step.


  9、 boy轻微癫痫病症状能治好吗s be ambitious.


  10、man cannot discover new oceans unlehe has courage to lost sight of the shore.a.gide.


  11、nothing in the would is difficult for one who sets his mind on it.


  12、a man is not old as long as he is seeking some-thing . a man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.


  13、the drop of rain makes a hole in the stone ,not by violence ,but by of falling .latimer


  14、a strong man will struggle with the storms of fate.thomas addison.


  15、life is a profound book.other's notes cannot replace your own understanding.may you find and create something new in it.


  16、the important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it. --goethe

  人生最重要的是树立一个远大的目标,并决心实现它。 --歌德

  17、the possibility of enhancing one's knowledge is limitless. graduation only marks a stage of one's education. unceasing acquisition of knowledge will unceasingly escalate us to ever higher and higher attainments.


  18、congratulations on your graduation! wishing you a future filled with success and joy of seeing your dreams come true.


  19、goals determine what you're going to be.--julius erving


  20、congratulations on your graduation and hope the future will bring you success and a whole wide world of happiness.